Tantric Sex Mini Book

Tantric Sex Mini Book

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The secret to tantra is to slow down and focus attention on a single intention, whether it’s a love-soaked night of sensual bathing or a single breathtaking kiss. Calm the mind through simple meditation and intensify the senses, allowing you to escape into more intimate, mindful, and sensuous sex than ever before.

The Tantric Sex mini book will teach you many of the basics to experiencing incredible tantric sex sessions, including how to:

  • Focus on breathing to intensify and prolong your orgasm
  • Incorporate aromatic oils or simply rediscover your partner’s natural scent
  • Explore exotic tastes and flavors to help you savor each moment
  • Introduce soft caresses and playful strokes to create a sensuous and unforgettable massage

Slow down your lovemaking and prolong your pleasure with the tantric sex techniques found in the Tantric Sex mini book and experience your partner like never before.

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